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Feed Consultations

Cherry Valley Feed & Supplies enjoys helping our neighbors keep their animals well-fed and healthy.  It’s why we’re happy to offer free consultations when it comes to what to feed your animals.

Have finicky pets, or livestock with dietary issues?

Cherry Valley Feed & Supplies has the expertise to help you find the perfect choice of feed for your animals. Feel free to ask us a question in person or over the phone. We’re even willing to take a drive out to your place.

Whether you are raising horses, sheep, and cattle, or cats, dogs, and rabbits, or exotic animals such as alpacas, we have the experience and expertise to help you make the right choices for you and your animals.

Other Services

Cherry Valley Feed & Supplies offers other services as well, including:

• Pet Grooming

• Delivery Service

- within a 35-mile radius of the store (approximate)

We will be happy to carry your order to your vehicle.

Cherry Valley Feed & Supplies understands your needs—and your animals’ needs—and we look forward to being of service.

Call or visit Cherry Valley Feed & Supplies today for a professional feed consultation for your animals.