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Cherry Valley Feed is a great store. Anita and Curt have offered warm friendship and great advice as I've eased into horse ownership. They offer great products that keep my animals healthy. If they don't stock something they will order it. I walk out feeling better than I did when I walked in. (The chocolate helps too.) Thank you Curt and Anita for your warm hospitality and great service.
I shop Cherry Valley Feed, for the health of my horse and dog.

I want them looking good and feeling good, both inside and out of the ring. Anita and Curt, along with the rest of the staff, are always there to help. They are very friendly too on top of it. I buy my horse and dog food there and also Guardian Horse Bedding there too. If I need something to wear showing my horse, they have that too. Thanks for all the good advice and service. My animals LOOK good.

Cherry Valley Feed is the only one of its kind in the Rockford area. It is owned by a local couple who understands and practice hard work and takes pride in good customer service. Curt and Anita have been involved with animals all of their lives and embrace the importance of good health and nutrition. After talking with them about some digestion problems one of my dogs was having, they directed me to a particular formula of food which has completely solved his problems! After changing my horses feed from a Farm and Fleet brand to one recommended to me by Anita their coats have vastly improved, as has their overall health. And the enjoyment I get out of watching the wildlife that have been attracted to my yard by the wildlife mix I get there can't be beat by anything on TV! It is not just about feed - I recently purchased a pair of Ariat paddock boots that are attractive and comfortable! I like to invest in the good health of my animals, as well as the investment in the community by shopping local! Cherry Valley Feeds makes this possible and pleasurable. Thank you, Curt and Anita, for the contribution you make to our community through your dedication to the wellbeing of our animals and all your hard work.
From candy to boots to cow feed there is something for everyone at Cherry Valley Feed. We enjoy shopping at the store because of the friendly service and the fact it can be a one stop shop for our animal needs. Their service and quality can't be beat.
I just wanted to send a note about the store. I think that is great that you take whatever I buy to my truck. The staff is well liked and very nice and you always had what I need for my horses, dogs and cats. If I have any problem with any animal you and your staff is always willing to help me. It’s a great store and I love shopping at Cherry Valley feed. Thank you
I want to give a big, big thank you to Cherry Valley feed for coming in when they were closed on a holiday for me just to make sure that I had everything I need for my champion barrel horse to go out of town to our next Rodeo I Know there’s NO where else I could ever get that Kind of customer service! I can’t thank you enough! you're always there to help me answer any questions on proper feed and Anything else I need and I wouldn’t know what to do without you and not only that you're always there when I need to order anything to look my best and performer our best at each and every rodeo ! Thank you again Cherry Valley Feed and your staff for always helping me with above and beyond friendly service!